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10 Ft High L ShapeBunker Silage Walls
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10 Ft High L ShapeBunker Silage Walls

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Holstein Friesian

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10 Ft High L Shape Bunker Silage Walls They are manufactured to a higher specification than the A shape bunker walls with more steel. The reason is that the user is usually driving up on top of the legs with the wheels of the loader. We can manufacture these walls with / without the rear heel. All walls come in 4 foot section lengths. The bottom leg is 8 inches thick and is 5 feet 11 inches long including the heel . ( 5 ft 3 inches long excluding the heel ) The walls shown here have a heel on the rear face for further stability. They weigh 2.5 tons each. Slots for lifting forks built into the base for ease of handling. We also have bolt holes at the top of the wall face for handling using straps. All our walls are reinforced with a 16 mm steel cage. The concrete is mixed in our own specialised batching plant ( we never use ready mix ) and the concrete is impregnated with fibre mesh for further strength and durability. The steel cages are tailored to suit the height of the wall so that there is always steel running to within a few inches of the top of the wall.

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McMahons Concrete Ltd

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