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Cattle Footbath
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Cattle Footbath

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Holstein Friesian

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See our website for more details: Footbath NON SLIP FLOOR Contains 14 rectangular indentations to give an enhanced grip for the cows hooves. Indentations are 720 mm long by 90 mm wide by 10 mm deep. This ensures that the cows hooves are gripped securely during their passage. Combats Slipping. Optional STURDY Side Rails available. HEAVY DUTY BRACKETS TO FIX RAILS TO THE BATH Experts recommend regular foot/hoof bathing. Ideally on a daily basis when moving dairy cattle around a milking parlor. Foot bathing can help control contagious hoof diseases such as digital dermatitis. Our footbath is long to enable all of the cows hooves to be bathed. Our footbath is robust and has rounded edges to protect the cattle. It will not move when the cows walk through them. There is less noise from a concrete bath than one made of plastic or metal when the cows travel through Our baths overall dimensions are 9 feet 9 inches in length, 3 feet 6 inches wide and 1 foot high. The bath depth is 8 inches. The walls are 4 inches thick and the floor is also 4 inches thick. They weigh 1300 kgs. The drainage hole is 4 inches in diameter. A picture of the adjustable drainage bung that we supply is included above. Our bung enables rapid emptying and cleaning., Rounded top edges of the bath to protect the cattle. Lifting Sockets are fitted to enable ease of handling.

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McMahons Concrete Ltd

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