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Polytunnel Cover Polythene Plastic Greenhouse

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Replace Your Polytunnel Cover or Planning New One?? Thickness 225 Micron 900 gauge UV-10 product stabilized for min 10 seasons. Heavy duty membrane meets the highest requirements of professional vegetable and flowers growers CLEAR TRANSPARENT POLYTHENE SHEETING UV-10 6 meters ,20 ft Wide 8 meters ,26 ft Wide 10 meters ,32 ft Wide 12 meters ,39 ft Wide Minimum Cutting length is 2 meters HIGH QUALITY MEMBRANE MADE IN EU GERMANY LOG ON OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS OF GREENHOUSE FOIL SIZES Best price guarantee and Nationwide FREE Delivery on all orders. Gardenvit Greenhouse Film is made of the highest quality raw materials in COEX-3 technology. All films are ISO 9001 certified. The production technology guarantees high strength, long service life and high light transmission. 3-layer film manufactured using metallocene catalysts and the highest quality PE-LD High light transmission up to 92-94% Uniform light diffusion - perfect exposure High durability: tear, puncture and stretch resistant Flexible: with softening agent Thermal effect A parameter defining the quantity of light transmitted through the film and its diffusion.Perfect light diffusion for uniform exposure.Light promotes growth and impoves fruit quality. Tear , stretch and puncture resistant for greenhouses subject to strong winds and with lower quality frame. APPLICATIONS: construction of garden tunnels for a period of min 10 seasons for crop protection in horticultures, agriculture and forestry for crops requiring high light intensity, especially during low-temperature or cloudy spells, e.g. for roses or early vegetable cultivars Its heat absorption ,at a level of over 80%, increases crop efficiency, accelerates plant vegetation and constitutes an effective protection against frost, allowing for considerable heat energy savings in heated tunnels SHOP ONLINE ON WWW.POLYROPE.IE 085 7124797

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