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10 ft A shape silage bunker wall
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10 ft A shape silage bunker wall

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  • Newcastle West, Limerick



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See our website for more details: 10 ft high Bunker silage Walls. They have solid bases leading to greater weight and strength. They weigh approx 2800 kgs each. They are 1.2 m wide and come in lengths of 1.2 m. You can cover a greater length with fewer of them. 4 Bolt holes for fixing to a concrete surface. Fork holes for use with tractor/bale handler forks. Perfect seal at the 90 degree corner joints. I have included pictures of the steel cage that we insert into our moulds before the concrete is poured. The steel cage is customised to suit the height of the wall ensuring that the steel runs to within a few inches of the top. We use 16 mm steel reinforcing bars and we mix our own concrete in our specialised batching plant. This leads to a stronger mix. We NEVER use ready mix in our products. Included are pictures of a silage pit recently supplied and fitted in Tullamore.

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McMahons Concrete Ltd

  • Limerick

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