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Concrete Wall Panel
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Concrete Wall Panel

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Pre stressed Concrete Wall Panels are used widely throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. There are tongue and groove joints along the horizontal edges. The panels slot on top of one another and slip in between Steel columns. We offer them in 145 mm thick in lengths up to 6.1 M and in heights of 1 M, 1.2 and 1.5 meters. These panels have several advantages over traditional construction techniques. Cost Effectiveness:- We have 7 strands of prestressed steel strand in our panels. Thus we can form stronger walls with less material. They are manufactured offsite inside a controlled environment leading to a durable high quality finish. There is no need for Shuttering, block laying or plastering. Eliminates wet trades. Labour costs are significantly reduced. Quick and Easy to install :- Offsite Production – No curing is required. Lifting inserts are placed in the panels to aid installation. Delivered ready for immediate use regardless of the weather conditions They can be repositioned or removed when required. They can be used for a wide variety of applications including storage bays.

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McMahons Concrete Ltd

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