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Tedder 4 rotor
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Tedder 4 rotor

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New Minos Agri 4 rotor Tedders in stock 5.5 mtr. Great value ! Minos Tedder spreads mown fodder crops and ensures rapid drying without having fodder crops to lose their nutritional value; thus allows multiple harvests within the year since fodder crops are removed in a short period of time. It saves time and labour with its high range of work and saves fuel with is low power demand. It has highly manoeuvrable wheels. Maintenance and repair of the machine is quite easy thanks to its simple structure. The machine is folded into the road mode easy thanks to the hydraulic folding system; thus, total length of the machine is minimized for safe transportations by folding. Machine width is less than 3 m when in road mode... Last updated: 26/05/2017

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Dan K

  • 2 months ago

Great store, has everything and extremely helpful.

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Jack Staff

  • 6 months ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable owner

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Adrian Kerrigan

  • 10 months ago

Very professional and efficient service.

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