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SLURRY: Tankers, dribble bars, retrofits & more!

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Grass Technology
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Grass Technology slurry tankers: choose from 1600 gallons to 4000 gallons. Each tanker is manufactured with: * stepped axles * commercial axles * recessed wheels * internal baffle plates * full-length sight glass * 13,500-litre pumps (with ability to suck through two pipes at once) * lazy arms in 6” or 8” diameter (optional) * lots of outlets ~~ Fitted with dribble bar or trailing shoe (7.5m standard, chassis-mounted) ~~ On both the dribble bar and trailing shoe, Grass Technology uses the Alrena macerator from Bomech. * Uses 12 self-sharpening cutting blades (other macerators only have max. 8 blades) * Auto-reverse function as standard (Other brands charge extra) If the macerator is blocked or under strain, it will automatically reverse in order to clear any blockage. * Unique air chamber separates the macerator from the hydraulic motor to avoid sucking slurry into the back end of the tractor in the event of a breakdown of the seal. Retro-fitting available for either dribble bar or trailing shoe: - Full spring breakaways (both in working (down) and transport (up) positions) - Lasered booms are incredibly lightweight without compromising on strength - Stone trap fitted - In-cab touch-screen control - Full set of quality LED lighting - Grant approved - Different sizes available - Finance available Grass Technology was founded by Jim Barron, who has a wealth of experience as both a farmer and an engineer. With more than 20 years at Keenan under his belt, Jim knows a thing or two about farm machinery! Call Jim to learn more about our full range of slurry handling equipment: 087 279 4430

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Future Grass Technology Ltd (Grass Technology)

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