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Tennis Trainer Base Trainer With Rope

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Newest Tennis Trainer Base Trainer With Rope Single Suit Anti-winding Slamming Automatic Rebound Rubber Band Anti-Slip Base No pickup available Delivery is fee and takes 4 to 10 days 2、Long Cord: In less than a month you can have what it takes. The original tennis training tool has a cord of 3 meters, which the tennis ball is attached to. This elastic cord can be stretched up to 8 meters. When the ball is knocked away, it will always come back, so that it can be hit again afterwards. This makes it possible to practice different strokes with the tennis trainer. The speed of hitting and footwork can also be trained with the tennis trainer. 3、Anti-slip Base: The basis of the tennis training tool is a round disc with an anti-slip layer on the bottom. When placed on the ground, it will not shift quickly during use. The base can also be used to store the tennis balls and to roll the cord around when not in use. Capacity of the base : 1.2L (can be filled with sand or water) all this makes the tennis trainer a compact device that is easy to store. 4、Water Inlet: The special design of the water inlet and outlet design completely solves the problem of difficulty in filling and filling the water in the past. A special device for connecting anti-wrapping hooks is added to the outside of the ball seat. When used with anti-wrapping hooks, the rubber band will no longer be entangled. How to use: Open the plastic cover of the base, pour water or sand into it. Fix the lined tennis ball to tall to the plastic hole on the side. Specification: Name: Tennis Trainer Material: high-density PE Features: high temperature resistance, drop resistance, long service life Rope on the ball: about 3.8 meters, rebound 7-8 meters Capacity: 1.2 liters (sand or water) color: blue Applicable scene: ping-pong tennis, other ball sports Product size: about 243 x 205 x 70 mm / 9.6 x 8 x 2.75 inches Packing List: 1*Tennis Ball 1*Rubber Band (black circle) 1*Anti-winding Buckle 1*Training Base

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Rondon Studios

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