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Foot Bath Solution 8 In 1 (Sheep & Cattle )
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Foot Bath Solution 8 In 1 (Sheep & Cattle )

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“THE ULTIMATE ALL IN ONE PRODUCT FOR SHEEP & CATTLE FOOT BATHING” Digi - Blend 8 In 1 contains > •Potassium Permanganate. As a medication it is used for cleaning wounds and dermatitis. • Copper sulphate ( Food Grade ) • Zinc sulphate ( monohydrate ) • Superior Wetting Surfactants • Methylene Glycol • Aluminium sulphonate • PH Neutraliser • Glycerine ( Skin conditioner ) Digi - Blend is a concentrated Liquid suitable for conventional foot baths, Automatic refill systems & Individual foot spraying. This product contains superior wetting agents that will firstly loosen the manure and organic matter build up that both cattle and sheep will suffer as the foot infection takes place, foot infections will generate a lot of heat with in the foot and this enables the caking to multiply rapidly around the foot, unfortunately a lot of the products that are on the market place (e.g ) zinc, bluestone, formaldehyde etc can not penetrate through this build up resulting the foot infection spreading throughout the foot and the rest of the herd / flock. Thankfully Digi - Blends formulation will both clean the foot to enable the unique chemistry to carry out its task. Containing this unique formulation Digi- Blend is the only one of its kind on the market place there may be others containing similar components but are missing a few vital ingredients to Stop the spread of Digital Dermatitis and foot rot with in Dairy cattle & Sheep. This product has being used on farms in Ireland for the last 4 years and as of all the products we supply into both Dairy & Sheep farms has achieved the farmers outstanding results. We are happy to pass on contact details for these farmers as they have agreed to allow us to do so, to discuss there experience and results, what they will all quote us is that Digi - Blend responds with in three days of use & has reduced both there foot trimming cost & loss in milk yield owing to painful infections hugely.

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  • Fermanagh
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  • Fermanagh
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