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How are our valuations calculated?

Our valuations are powered by data from thousands of vehicles so you get an accurate price that reflects the current market. It’s completely free and can be done online in minutes. Our innovative algorithm considers multiple factors including; mileage, age and spec so you can trust that you are getting the most accurate valuation in the market.

How does it work?

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Enter your car details

  • Share your registration number and mileage and we'll value your car instantly

Why value your car with DoneDeal?

We provide instant, easy valuations you can trust
Powered by data from hundreds of thousands of vehicles
Sell with confidence knowing exactly what your car is worth
It's free! You get the most accurate car valuation possible at zero cost to you

What factors affect a car's value?

Factors that can decrease a car's value

Poor Condition

Our valuation is based on your car being in good overall condition internally, externally and mechanically. If there are any issues with how the car runs or if there's notable damage to the exterior or interior of your car, it will reduce it's overall value

Lots of previous owners

Typically the fewer owners a vehicle has had the more it's worth. If your car has an extensive list of previous owners, it's likley to reduce the value

Incomplete service history and / or no NCT

If your service records can't prove that your car has been taken care of as prescribed or it's missing an NCT (if applicable), it can reduce the value of your car

Parts not working

If any parts of your car are not functioning as they should; e.g. electric window(s) not working - will affect how much you can get for your car

Factors that can increase a car's value

Your car is in excellent condition

If your car has been taken car of throughout it's life and is in outstanding condition. Cars like this standout from the crown and can positively affect it's value when it's time to sell

Full service history

If the service records for your car are complete, show no gaps and demonstrate it has been serviced as prescribed it can often ensure you get a higher value for your car

Desirable colour

We all know that some colours are more popular than others. If your car falls into this group, it's likley to be worth more due to it's desirability

(Some) Modifications

If your car has received (some) post-factory modifications, e.g. upgraded multimedia system, alloy wheels etc. it can increase it's value

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Sell your car to a Dealer

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